Walking Wisely


Jeff Walchshauser

The wise thrive even when life is tough.

Ecclesiastes 8:1-17

The wise thrive even when life is tough because…

…the wise uniquely understand life. (1)

…the wise know how to interact with authority. (2-9)

…the wise do the right thing regardless of circumstances. (10-14)

…the wise find joy in life springing from their trust in God. (15-17)

study questions:

1. Read Verse 1. What is this verse communicating about wisdom? How have you seen the value of wisdom demonstrated in your life?

2. Read verses 2-7. What can we learn from these verses about how to respond to imperfect human authority? Why should we respond this way? What can we count on even when we are living under imperfect and even evil leadership?

3. Read verses 8-14. What do you learn about evil, how it operates and its limits in verses 8-11 and 14? Why should we be encouraged even when it appears like evil is winning (see verses 12-13)? How do you personally respond to evil in this world…fear, anger, sadness, faith, or some other way?

4. Read verses 15-17. How should we live despite the evil thriving all around us? How should our relationship with God be impacted by our experience with evil, injustices and the hard things of this life?

5. So what? What can you take away from this passage that encourages or guides you for how to live in the face of evil?