Celebrating God's Grace, Part 3


Jeff Walchshauser

We celebrate by cultivating grace-filled relationships. (Colossians 3:12-14)

Celebrating God’s Grace, Part 3

Colossians 3:12-14

We celebrate by cultivating grace-filled relationships.

Act like Christians. (12)

Put-up with each other. (13a)

Forgive each other. (13b)

Love each other. (14)

study questions:

For the Next Lesson: Colossians 3:12-14

1. Read verse 12. What are the five things Paul tells the Christians in Colossae to put on, and what does each one of them mean? Take the time to think of an example of what each trait looks like in a relationship. Which of these is hardest for you to put on and which one is easiest? Why do you think some are harder or easier? Why do you think Paul reminds the Colossians that they are “chosen ones” who are “holy and beloved” while teaching them how to treat each other?

2. Read verse 13. What do you think Paul means by “bearing” with one another? Why is bearing with one another necessary for good friendships and relationships? Why is this hard to pull off? What does it mean to forgive someone? What is our motivation and inspiration for offering forgiveness to others, and why is this important to remember? Why are bearing and forgiving necessary if you want to put on the five relational traits Paul listed in verse 12?

3. Read verse 14. What is the most important trait to put on in relationships? Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and 1 John 15:13. Based on these passages develop a personal definition of love in one sentence or less. How does love bind together everything listed in verses 12-13? Why is love the most important trait of godly relationships?

4. So what. How have you seen the qualities listed in this passage bless your relationships? How have you seen the absence of these qualities hurt your relationships? Of all the relational qualities listed in these verses, in which area would you like to grow most? What can you do to grow in this area?