New Building Venture


We at Fellowship Bible launched our For HIS Increase Building Venture on November 6, 2016. Our heart is to be focused on people rather than a building. Watch this video to learn more about the heart of our church.

God has blessed our church family with 10-acres on the SE corner or Phoenix and Parkway. We look forward to moving to that location, in God's timing, to continue our mission to Love God, Love people and Make disciples. The documents, pictures and videos here do a good job summarizing where we believe God is leading us. Make sure to read through the document that describes the why, what, how and when of our process. Our heart is to do all of this For HIS Increase!

Floor Plan
"Fellowship Bible Church has been used by God for over 20 years. "
Site plan.
Northwest corner.
Southeast corner.
Main Lobby facing South.